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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the LAB of Choice to all our customers by providing high quality, efficient and cost-effective service and to ensure professional care and dignity for all our clients regardless of age or physical condition.


We achieve this mission by a commitment of teamwork with our clients and a Continuous Quality Improvement process for monitoring the service we provide. We are committed to enhancing health care services and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Our Values

Our values include quality and safety, empathy, teamwork, integrity, inclusion, and innovation. We are committed to our main principles of providing the best care, giving the most quality and qualified consultation to make patients informed of our services methods and results.

Our Vision

We ensure the highest standards of treatment through effective interactions, decision-making, and actions. We create an environment of compassionate belonging where all are valued and respected. We adhere to high moral principles by a commitment to honesty, respect, and transparency.


Workplace Testing

Drug testing services are available on job site with 5 or more employees. Workplace drug-testing programs are designed to detect the presence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or certain prescription drugs. Drug testing is a prevention and deterrent method that is often part of a comprehensive drug-free workplace program.

Our Tests

We Also Offer House Calls

House calls are available with an added fee, such as IV's that your PCP may have ordered for you, that may would've required hospitalization because of the frequency. We also offer wound care services if you can't get your loved one in to see the doctor, we are able to come to your home and assess your loved one and report back to your doctor. Give us a call and let us know what your needs are.

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