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If you are required to have your labs drawn, get in touch with UNITY LAB. Let us eliminate your travel time and anxiety by coming to you in the comfort of your home or office . We are committed to provide quality and compassionate care to all of our clients. Besides home draws, we offer our service to nursing homes, research clinics, doctor’s office, wellness events, retirement centers and more. Located in LUFKIN,TX and  we can be easily contacted to schedule your appointment by calling


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Do I need an appointment?

Please call 936-632-1861 or book below for appointments. Same day appointments (please call) may be available.


Does my insurance cover the service fee?

Not at this time. Concierge fees are due at the time of service, starting at $50 (check, credit/debit, cash accepted). We travel to you, draw your labs and deliver to preferred laboratory . Insurance will be billed by the laboratory for all tests run. 

Do I have to have a lab order from my doctor?

Lab orders are required. Your doctor can fax the order to 936-000-000. If you do not have a doctor and are needing labs drawn, no worries. You simply order your test through Unity Lab or our Affiliate Ulta Labs 

Can I just come to Unity Lab and have my blood drawn, instead of paying a service charge to come to me?

Yes, you can. Coming to the lab is cost effective and beneficial if you don't have a doctor ordering your labs or you don't have insurance. You are simply charged for your test.

How do I get my results?

Once we collect your sample we take it to your lab of choice and the lab will send the results to your doctor. If you ordered labs through Unity Lab or Ulta Labs your results will be sent directly to you.

What other services can Unity Lab provide?

We provide an array of services such as IV infusions, Vitamin Injections, CPR Classes, DNA Testing, Gender Reveal, we are also able to administer  iv antibiotic therapy that your doctor has ordered for you at our office as well. If there is a service you are needing and don't see it give us a call. 

Who are the people providing these services?

Our phlebotomist are contracted workers, this simply means that they also work for other companies such as the hospital or other labs. All  our phlebotomist have years of experience. They have passed a comprehensive background screening also. They are HIPPA and OSHA compliant.  Our clinical manager is a Registered Nurse who has twenty plus years in the healthcare field and she oversees and performs our IV therapy along with other services. Our clinic also has a LVN that specializes in IV insertion. 

Can you just come pick up a specimen collection such as urine or stool and drop it off at the lab?

Yes, we can and the service fee will be different than a collection fee

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